I have 30 years computer experince, I do not remove viruses – I prevent them.  I tutor  people to use these programs: Photoshop, Blender, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quickbooks,  Syncback Free, Acronis Disk Director, Clonzilla, Macrium, Notrin Antivirus, ReNamer, Itunes and WordPress with DIVI.  I 30 years computer experince and I have installed and configured every windows operating  system begining with DOS ver 2 all the way to windows 11.  I have watched the industry evolve and I understand it.  I specialize in hardware upgrades, especially SSD upgrades – hard drive imaging and cloning.  I specialize in setting up mission criticle systems where downtime is minimal.  I use the same methodes to maintain computers that large corporations or universities use to keep all their systems safe and runnng well.  I do not remove viruses, I prevent them from getting on your system in the first place.  If you buy a system from me or you have me reinstall its operting system I will set it up in a way that you will not see me again for a very long time. I maximize security.  You WILL have protection against Ronsomware.  I NEVER run a system on the world wide web without a paid updated antivirus installed. I ALWAYS make a image of your Hard Drive the moment it is setup and configured with its basic programs and configuration.  Antivirus is the VERY FIRST thing I do when I plug in to the world wide web.  If your computer has a viruses,  your computer is going to be a money pit and a quagmire until you restore your OS.  I specialize in OS restore and reset and I evalute if its worth it to buy a new system. The labor comes from removing yoru files from a computer system that has viruses.  Its a touchy thing.  We have to keep your system isolated.