I specialize in Hard Drive Imaging and Cloning.  I specialize in upgrading hard drives to solid state drives. I use hard drive imaging as a tool to keep computer systems running as flawlessly as possible.

Please allow the above picture to symbolize a clean windows installation.

Above is like a compromised windows install.  Imagine trying to remove ALL the glitter. It is not possible. 

Then we can go back to a clean install. 


I create a foundation install that I can revert to when things go wrong.  And things do go wrong while trying to get my system to do what I want it to do.  If a program corrupts my windows install or a bad driver gets inadvertently installed or Microsoft decides it is time for my system to go to the landfill – I can REVERT BACK to the clean foundation install with hard drive imaging and cloning.  I can KNOW for sure that I have a clean uncompromised install.   


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When I attempt to tell people how much hard drive imaging and cloning help me with my daily computer work, I get a blank glazed over look. The more I implore the less it seams they understand. UNTIL they witness what it does first hand it seams people do not understand or see the value in it. Its not a lot of work to implement hard drive imaging.  Its a way an end user can keep their systems running flawlessly 100% of the time.  It is a way an end user can make their business run smoothly and reliably.  


  1. Get a paid version of antivirus.  ($45 a year for 10 computers if you do it right)
  2. Make sure your Antivirus scans daily
  3. Create a Hard Drive imaging setup
  4. Get a second hard drive and setup your desktop on the second drive
  5. if your DATA and your OS are separated then your DATA will be separated from viruses
  6. If your DATA is separated from your windows then your data can remain on the same drive when you upgrade your computers.  Moving to a new system will be painless.  Complete virus removal will be easy.
  7. Use Macrium Paid version – It has Ransomware protection.  It protects your backups from being tampered with
  8. Have an offsite backup. Copy your data to an external drive and keep it off site.
  9. Make sure your computer’s cooling system is working right.  Dust is the enemy of hardware
  10. If your business relies on a computer system, Make an image of your OS hard drive, then restore it on a spare drive – Plug it in a make sure it boots.  If you have your data separated from your OS then you will never have downtime.

As a computer technician I focus on these things.  These 10 things will allow you to plan your new computer purchases and not be forced into buying new computer systems only because you do not have a clone of your hard drives.   If you have a image of your drive you do not have to buy new computer.