A 4.8K ionizer removes any static charges by neutralization of any positive or negative charges by blasting it with positive and negative ions. Below is a closeup of the Ionizer nozzle. The air is filtered at a Filtration Rating: .01 Micron

Above and to the right, hopefully the images has loaded for you and you can see the electrodes that create the ionization of the air.

Showing the ground detection plug that proves a proper ground.

The pictures above were from THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO   Part 1 of the video is HERE It does a great job at explaining static electricity and how to control it.  Many surfaces can be a dust attractors, when they are neutralized with compressed ionized air they no longer attract particles of dust. It is only safe to clean circuit boards with ionized and filtered air. 

Showing a anti static vacuum used after / with the ionized compressed air’s charge neutralization.  

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