If you have ever been through an infiltration and had a virus, you will never again leave your systems vulnerable. One computer on your network left unprotected puts all your compturs at risk. Its not just about uptime – Its about being able to know you have completly rid yourself of a hackers attack. If you have images of all your computers drives and you have your data on a seperate drive – You can scan your data for virus infection and then you can revert your machines back to a time when you know they were virus free.  ALL AT THE SAME TIME KNOWING YOU TOTALLY RID YOURSELF OF THE ATTACK.  If you have the ability to completly remove viruses then they will not be jumping across computers to haunt you.

          Menacing computers that are not working right cause everyone stress. Having to continually reboot a computer to make it work frustrates everone.  Computers are like haystacks.  Why not copy the haystack when its perfect so you can always revert back to that perfect setup whenever you are having problems.  Why ride a 3 legged nag when you don’t have to? And WHY make your employees ride them !? Why be vulnerable to attack when you can be sure your protected ? Why take that risk ?  For me I can not bear to use a system that does not have its “haystack” copied.   Time and time again hard drive imaging and cloning has saved me countless hours; I flush away the bugs and bring back the order.