HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 

Currently I am studying HIPAA and I am going to see if it is something I can understand.  If it is clear to me what the requirements are I will offer to help clients with securing their data. Last year I studied the OPEN VPN servers because I have always wanted to be able to have my own secure server that I could access.  Open VPN on someone else’s server like amazons server is one thing – but having your data stored on your PC and sharing that over the web – this is a undertaking that I could not figure out.  There are many guides on how to configure OPEN VPN on a server like NORD or Amazon but there is NOTHING that explains in a clear way how to configure your OWN OPEN VPN server where your files are ONLY on your PC. I installed OPEN VPN on a ubuntu server but and did try to set it up but there is no clear way or guide to do this.  Even Open VPN Would not help.   If you need to get at your data on the road you need to carry it on an encrypted drive or put it on a HIPAA compliant cloud and keep it encrypted.  I have a pfsense firewall on a PC that I setup just as a firewall and I am taking a course on how to configure a pfsense firewall in order to protect data as required by HIPAA.  It is said that your data can not be protected by a firewall on a consumer router.  I am currently taking 2 courses on HIPPA to see if they are willing to make it completely clear the process of protecting healthcare data or if they are going to be deliberately vague leaving everyone wondering.  I will soon know.